The Alberta Stables Initiative is officially completed in its fifth year and is now the Alberta Stables Association! With over 600 stables in our province there is amazing potential to create a network of stables interested in delivering exceptional service, providing quality facilities and educating business operators.

Stables in Alberta face many challenges in today’s economic and demographic climates. Our increasingly urban population creates land use issues for horse facilities, and legislation can impact the stable’s ability to operate. Competition for the public’s leisure dollar is great with many activities competing for the time and finances of the population. Public expectations of animal welfare are on the increase and understanding of our industry is key to ensuring that stables are viewed favourably.

Our objective is to involve as many members of Alberta’s stable community as possible, in order to create a solid voice for your industry. We have the opportunity to create, mould and develop this initiative in a way that will both support the stable industry and benefit members in other facets of the horse community. Alberta stables have the unique opportunity to make this a reality for business excellence and customer benefit.
The Mission
To strengthen Alberta’s stables by promoting safety, animal welfare and sound business practices as well as providing support, education and marketing opportunities for the stable industry.
The Concept
An independent initiative under the direction of the Horse Industry Association of Alberta (HIAA), Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF), and Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (AARD), with the goal of becoming a self-supporting service for stables.
The Goals
  • Increasing and improving the public profile of the stable industry in Alberta.
  • Increasing level of education for stable owners and staff.
  • Creating a network of stables for the sharing of information.
  • Increasing accessibility of stables for those wanting to get involved in the horse industry.
  • Creating stable owner/staff awareness of recommended Codes of Practice for horses as well as recommended standards for stable operation.
  • Building a “voice” for stable owners to address issues of concern to their industry.
The Program
  1. Education for stables on issues of key concern – safety, welfare, biosecurity, coaching, marketing, traceability
  2. Division of the province into 20 regions allowing wide spread support through regional meetings offering networking, information sharing, educational opportunities, stable tours, socializing.
  3. Visits to stables to discuss the initiative, gather information on the facility and services and answer any questions.
  4. Development of an independent web space (findalbertastables.ca) to provide detailed information on participating stables for online public access – location, services, facilities, coaching, activities, etc. – reciprocal links from AEF, HIAA and AARD web sites
  5. A network for stables to share information, swap ideas, buy and sell, ask questions.
  6. Promotion of stables association through AEF and HIAA presence at industry events.
 Get Involved
  • Complete the self evaluation questionnaire. This will provide the Initiative Coordinator with important information on the stable industry, and highlight areas of needed education and/or support.
  • Become a regional representative. Reps are needed to act as area contacts for meetings, education and information. They will also assist the program coordinator, program partners and stable owners with communications about the Alberta Stables Initiative.
  • Sign up and reap the rewards! The program registration fee is only $95.00 and includes a web directory for the entire 2014 year as well as promotion at equine events and trade shows throughout the province.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with questions and comments and thank you for your support of the stable industry in Alberta.